About SelfX Now Technologies


SelfX Now Technologies is a leading consulting and solution development company with a focused specialization in autonomous networks. We bring an unparalleled depth of understanding in telecom network operations and management. Since the inception of our journey, we have been deeply engaged in both the business and technical framework of autonomous networks, providing innovative solutions in the realm of network automation and intelligence.


At SelfX Now Technologies, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of telecom network operations and management. Leveraging years of collective experience in the industry, we are equipped to address the most complex challenges of autonomous networks, delivering insights that transform our clients' operations.


Our services range from consulting on the design and structure of autonomous networks to the development and implementation of forward-thinking solutions for network automation. We take the time to understand the unique needs of each client, customizing our solutions to ensure optimal results and exceeded expectations.


Demonstrated capability in delivering state-of-the-art solutions for network automation and intelligence sets SelfX Now Technologies apart from the competition. We're driven by innovative thinking and a commitment to excellence, creating solutions that consistently exceed our clients' expectations and affirm our standing in the industry.

Our Journey

Our commitment to the autonomous networks industry has been unwavering from the beginning. We've grown and evolved alongside the industry, adapting to changes, anticipating trends, and ensuring our solutions are always on the cutting edge. We pride ourselves on delivering future-proof solutions that keep our clients at the forefront of network technology.

Our Commitment

Our dedication to delivering top-tier services and solutions is rooted in our desire to empower our clients to fully utilize the potential of autonomous networks. We're always exploring innovative applications for these technologies, striving to create a future where networks operate seamlessly with minimal human intervention.
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